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DDT Rollins LED Endomoto…
  • Used for bite correction
  • Made of high quality mono crystalline alumina
  • Compact & elegant design
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A D-Tech NiTi Reverse Curve Pre-Torqued Wire Upper 34mm 10ml 100 50

Reverse Curve Toe in: - Unique design counters the extrusive component of space closing force while continuing to open the bite. Curved in ends prevent mesio-lingual rotation of molars. Avoids extraction space tipping. Reverse curve wires can be used for bite correction or with springs and elastomeric, for retraction.

Reverse Curve Straight Leg: - A low force, reverse curve wire design to open bites, prevent molar rotations and maintain anterior torque without crown tipping.

D Tech Pre torqued R.C wires are shape-memory, heat activate wires with a pre torqued anterior segment. Reverse curve Ni Ti wires with 20 degree pre torqued anterior segment increase torque control during intrusion. Lingual root torque is applied in the anterior segment of upper and lower archwire.Liable torque in lower arches is available on request. Lower pretorque segment is available as standard 28mm span and in upper arches a choice of span of 34 and 38mm is available from standard inventory.

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